CASE STUDY | Window Replacement Project

CASE STUDY | Window Replacement ProjectExter1


A low-rise 212 unit condominium association in St. Paul required window replacements and related exterior restoration for all dwellings as a result of initial construction flaws. Unusual for a property only ten years old, the Association Board found themselves having to deal with a potentially very complex and costly problem.

Gittleman Construction and Maintenance Solution

Once funds were available, the Association Manager and an engineering firm selected by the Association acted as a resource and helped the Association to choose a construction firm to accomplish the required work.  Gittleman Construction & Maintenance (GCM), an affiliated construction company of FirstService Residential, was retained by the Association as a point of contact for owners, to oversee the day-to-day operations, coordinate scheduling in units, and participate as an owners’ representative in weekly construction meetings.

In the second phase of project, GCM was also hired to do sheetrock, foaming and painting, as well as mechanical work inside the homes. Under contract with GCM, rooftop equipment were installed to help reduce the humidity levels within the homes in an effort to reduce or eliminate the condensation on the windows.


Construction is now complete with new windows and related equipment to help ensure the condensation problem does not recur and cause further damage to the property. This project was completed on time and on budget, with the Construction Supervisor working closely with the Association Manager and Board to do everything possible to minimize homeowner inconvenience. The Association had at their disposal a knowledgeable, resourceful team whose mission was to advocate for homeowners and their investment.