A Higher Standard of Service

At Gittleman Construction & Maintenance our goal is to always deliver a high standard of service from the smallest repair job to extensive, complex projects. Our courteous, professional tradespeople and technicians work hard every day to do their jobs well, and on time.

In recent years we have developed additional valued service offerings. In 2013 we added full-time Service Manager and Operations Manager positions. These roles strengthen our ability to provide great customer service, respond effectively and efficiently to both urgent and non-urgent service requests, solve complicated problems with our client building knowledge, and follow through properly on all of our work.

In 2014, we will conduct customer experience surveys on a sampling of all of our maintenance services in an effort to learn from the client perspective, anticipate future needs, and continuously improve our services.

Gittleman Construction & Maintenance holds the following licenses:

General Contractor License: LIC#BC635989

Plumbing License: LIC# PC645805

Electrical License: LIC#EA006500

Mechanical License: MB647549