Plumbing & Drain Cleaning / Other Services

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Gittleman Maintenance provides an array of expert plumbing services to residents in the Twin Cities metro area including general services, drain cleaning and preventive maintenance and other services such as pool and spa cleaning and maintenance.


  • Homeowner service calls, fixture repair and replacements
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodels, upgrades and appliance installation
  • Leak investigation and repairs utilizing thermal imaging cameras
  • Problem solving, diagnosis and repair of equipment, systems and design related issues
  • Servicing, diagnosis and repair of booster pump systems, pressure reducing and mixing valves, unique design solutions for variable speed pumps
  • Pipework and valve replacement services; riser valves, appliance valves, complete riser replacements and upgrades
  • RPZ backflow prevention device servicing and re-builds
  • 24 hour emergency repair service

Drain Cleaning

  • Sink, tub/shower and toilet obstructions, backups and repairs
  • High pressure water jetting of risers, mains, floor drains and condensate lines
  • Development and implementation of Preventative programs; cleaning and jetting of mains, risers and condensate lines to reduce build up and chances of future blockages
  • Digital video camera inspection of sewer and drain lines with immediate emailed reports
  • Pipe and fixture repair, servicing and replacements
  • Storm water management systems, inspections, cleaning and maintenance program development with certified confined space operatives
  • Location services, locate and trace underground sewer lines

Other Services

  • Pool and spa operator licensing, testing, and maintenance

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