City of Plymouth

building type: City of Plymouth Water Tower

Location: Plymouth, MN

Project Team: Gittleman Construction & Maintenance (GCM) – Plumbing Division
GITTLEMAN EXPERTISE: Plumbing Services // Plumbing Installation


Gittleman was contacted to provide a proposal to rebuild 6 Altitude valves, which regulate the water level in storage towers that serve the City of Plymouth residences and businesses. This work is being completed on a preventative basis to ensure proper water storage and distribution. Gittleman was recommended as a potential contractor to perform this work by Northwestern Power and Equipment, who is the local representative for the specific model of Altitude valve that the City of Plymouth has. Gittleman was awarded this work and is approximately 90% complete. This type of plumbing work requires a high degree of technical expertise and safety oversite. GCM routinely performs this type of work for several large municipalities throughout the state under the direction of Jim Venhuizen, GCM’s Master Plumber & Service Manager.


PROJECT FACTS: Municipalities most often have various ground water well sites and water treatment plants that supply and treat the water for the potable water delivery system. The ground water well pumps pull water from the ground, which is then treated as needed, and the pumps provide pressure for delivery. The wells and treatment plants are not able to constantly run and keep up with demand, so treated water is then stored in reservoirs underground or in water towers above ground. The Altitude valves that Gittleman is rebuilding for the City of Plymouth control the amount of water pumped into each water tower, by sensing the height of the water in the tower, and closing at the determined level. Once each tower or reservoir is full, the well pumps can then shut down and the system can rely on the stored water to supply the potable water system. These Altitude valves also control how much water is then released out into the potable water system for use. Without these Altitude valves, well pumps and treatment plants would not be able to keep up, in many cases, or work efficiently. The valves also allow for equal distribution from multiple storage facilities throughout the potable water system. See animated link of valve operation below.