“Chris, an employee of Gittleman, … worked diligently and effectively in getting the drainage unplugged. Chris deserves some special recognition. It is Sunday, a little after 5:00 PM, the rain is coming down like cats and dogs, and all is good.”

“The electrician completed his tasks yesterday and with that the project is complete … As a point of information I was extremely happy with all your employees who worked here, they were open, friendly and with great attitudes that doesn’t happen by accident.”

“Your electrician, Dean, arrived this afternoon, as promised, and repaired our kitchen light fixture by replacing the wall switch. (He) was a most pleasant and courteous young man. He was knowledgeable regarding his job and related to me what needed to be done. The repair was completed to my satisfaction. (When) we need the services of an electrician in the future I would not hesitate to call upon you. Thank you for the prompt service.”

“Thanks for working with us and going to bat for us with the association, we really appreciate it.”

“For the first time in my life I left a person I did not know alone in my house to do work. Glenn was great! He did everything I asked him to do, he cleaned up, he closed my garage door when he left and he did a great job painting my ceiling. I am very, very happy and please add my rave to his resume’.”

“I was very impressed with Greg and his assistant. (They were) willing to explain exactly what (and) why they were doing. They were very careful. Not in my ten years (living here) have I seen such a good job! Thanks.”

“I am e-mailing you about Kevin, a plumber who works for Gittleman. Kevin has been to our condo five or six times since we moved (here) almost three years ago. I just want Gittleman to know what a wonderful employee he is. He always answers our calls as soon as he can and tries to fit us in at a time that is convenient for us. “…we actually look forward to Kevin’s visits as he is such a nice young man and has always taken care of the plumbing problem we are having quickly and cleans up before he leaves.”

“Thanks so much for all your hustle on this huge undertaking. I am extremely pleased with the outcome all things considered.”

“Your crew (Jim and other plumbers) worked in my condo today. I would like to compliment you on their courtesy and professionalism. They couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful. This is really a really nice service we are providing the homeowners that is being delivered in the best possible way.”

“I wanted to install a gas grill on my deck for this summer- if the weather ever cooperates. I was put into contact with Brady Alstead for assistance. Brady has been terrific. I was expecting the process to be difficult and instead Brady made things effortless. He was extremely professional in our discussions and prompt in both providing me with the information that I needed as well as helping to arrange a plumber to install the gas line on short notice. I just wanted to let you know what a fine employee you have.”

“The HVAC folks just did my HVACs and I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with their thoroughness, professionalism, ability to take questions, etc…”