801 Washington Lofts

building type: A Minnesota Condominium Association

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Project Team: Gittleman Construction & Maintenance (GCM) – Low Voltage Security Integrations Division

GITTLEMAN EXPERTISE: Consulting // Low Voltage Security Integrations System Design and Installation


Retro-fitting traditional keyed access control to a modern access system is typically a costly, disruptive, and aesthetically challenging project that requires hardwiring and cutting into door frames to install electric door strikes, card readers, etc. At 801 Washington Lofts, the Low Voltage Security Integrations Division, in conjunction with SALTO®, produced and installed an integrated solution that is cost-effective, practical, and secure. Our implemented solution included:

  • A user-friendly, intuitive solution that protects client investment and simplifies integration with other building systems
  • Drastically reduced material and labor costs associated with re-keying
  • Resident and employee credentials that can be issued or cancelled on an individual basis
  • A time-based access control system that includes a user-selectable keycard access and expiration ideal for dog walkers, housekeepers, service personnel, etc.
  • High-security key encryption, proprietary and unique to each installation (keys and traditional RFID fobs can be copied easily and inexpensively in DIY store kiosks)
  • A smart phone app that allows BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices to function as a credential, where new or updated credentials can be sent directly and remotely to a cell phone
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with a complete system audit trail
  • All-metal, heavy-duty locksets
  • Batteries that are rated at over 40,000 transactions on 3 AA alkaline batteries and continue to operate during power or internet/network outages

801 Washington Lofts is an historic turn-of-the-century former farm implement factory that morphed into a Studebaker Packard showroom. In 2003, the building was converted into residential condominiums that successfully retain many historic and architectural features.