Westin Galleria

building type: A Minnesota Condominium Association

Location: Edina, MN

Project Team: Gittleman Construction & Maintenance (GCM),  Encompass Engineering, Questions & Solutions Engineering, WL Hall Company, Schadegg Mechanical, Saba Construction, & Suburban Dream Homes

GITTLEMAN EXPERTISE: General Contractor Services // Project Management


As the general contractor for the project, Gittleman Construction & Maintenance (GCM) brought together a dozen specialty contractors to work as a team to make the following repairs:

Curtain Wall System Repairs: Swing stages were installed at the building and repairs to the curtain wall system were made to remedy points of water intrusion.  Water and air tests were performed after the repairs to certify the effectiveness of the work performed.

Curtain Wall Vapor Barrier Repairs: Interior hot water radiators, interior finishes, and interior wall insulation were removed at base of wall at curtain wall as needed to access work area.  New adhered flashing membrane and/or sealant was installed at curtain wall anchor perimeters. New adhered membrane was installed to aluminum window frames and lap onto existing vapor barriers, full perimeter, fully sealing penetrations at curtain wall anchor locations.

Strip Window Repairs:  Windows were removed and joint plugs were installed at splices in sill/subsill assembly and sealed.  Glass was reinstalled with glazing gaskets and sealed.  Exterior mullion covers were removed, insulated, and sealed.

Balcony Coating Replacement:  Traffic coatings on 86 balconies were removed, sub-surfaces were repaired, and new traffic coating was installed.

Balcony Railing Replacement:  Railings were removed on 99 balconies and refabricated and reinstalled.

The project was completed on time and on budget within one summer season.

The Galleria Residences Association experienced the effects of various construction defects on and within the 18-story building and, as a result retained Questions & Solutions Engineering (QSE), a local mechanical engineering firm, to provide advice and counsel related to the uninsulated heating pipes, domestic water system, chillers and fan coil units, and Encompass Inc., a local engineering firm, to provide advice and counsel related to the windows, wall drainage systems, balcony railings and balcony deck coatings.  QSE and Encompass engineering prepared a scope of remediation work and put the project out to bid.  Gittleman Construction & Maintenance was selected as the primary general contractor for the project.